Outdoor Recreation Equipment for Sale in Webb, IA

Sleeps 4 fishes 3 comfortably without having to walk over anyone! Three burner stove with oven, microwave, refrigerator with freezer, Tv with HD antenna, Generator,2 furnaces! All the comforts of home!(712)260-1419
VMC WAX TAIL Item# WTJ15GOGL 1/150 ounce size 8 hook Green Orange Glow color VMC Wax Tail Jigs are pre-rigged with the Trigger X Wax Tail soft bait. The Trigger X material attracts the fish and gives off the max taste and texture to ensure once a fish bites, it doesn't let go.Wax Tail Jigs are ready to use right out of the package and has the exclusive VMC Power Gap hook that delivers a wider r...
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